Monday, April 29, 2013

Current School Year Schedule

                      Our School Schedule for Ages 10,9,7,5,2

     (2012) For those of you who wanted to see how we run our days, here it is! When I have time I will see if I can post the schedule we followed when the girls were younger. It seems to change from time to time. What I have written may help you or it may not. Just adjust what you need.

Also, we don't do school on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. And we take Mid-May to Mid-August Off. And we take 3 weeks off for Christmas. Plus, a spring break week and a fall break week. Its glorious. And we still somehow manage to get it all done. God is good.

This is what we do on the days we are home. If we are out, we just pick right up when we come home with where we would have been. If we are off-track we just adjust free time or allow something to be missed.

6:30 I get up to get ready, eat, read my Bible/Pray

8:00 Everyone get up, dress, hair, make bed (I start laundry)

8:30 Breakfast, kitchen cleanup (see list of work post), brush teeth

9:30 Candice and KG do Spelling on their own, Bria play with Angel, Allison school with Mama.

10:00 Candice and KG math, Bria school, Allison play at art table, Angel in her bed with books and toys

10:30 Everyone has a small snack and brain break (gives me time for some laundry or phone call)

11:00 Candice and KG English, younger three watch a video then play

12:00 Lunch, Kitchen Jobs, Free Time but no Tv or videos

1:30 Rock and read to Angel, Candice and KG finish any English, Bria and Allison in free time

2:00 Chic Chat Chocolate - Bible Time together in the living room while eating chocolate. (see Bible Themes post).

2:30 Everyone rests

3:00 Candice and KG do Classical Conversations memory work in their room quietly without me, Bria and Allison rest in rooms

3:30 Clean Rooms and Eat a snack...the snack part makes them clean faster

4:00 Exercise together

4:30 Watch a PBS show (I can do house or whatever)

5:00 Afternoon Work for the girls (I start dinner)

5:30 Freetime (I am still cooking dinner)

6:00 Dinner and kitchen work

7:00 Baths and teeth

8:00 Bedtime with Daddy (I start my night time free time)

Every year we adjust the schedule depending on ages and new baby or special situations like an illness or because I found a better way. The point is that its okay to change it up according to your needs and knowledge. Have fun! And don't let the schedule dominate you, its there to give order and to help not to put pressure on you. There will be days most of it was perfectly in order and other days all of it will be and some days none of it worked. Its all okay. God is still on the throne. :)

For an in-depth look at schedules and running a home, I highly recommend the book "Managers of Their Homes" by the Maxwells at

It will revolutionize how you do life and take a ton of pressure and planning off your shoulders. Everyone in the family will know what to expect and when to do it. I know, it's like a breath of fresh air to a mother's soul to imagine that! But overall, it works! Happy Scheduling friends!

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