Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What We Use for School

After much, I mean MUCH, research, this is the easy-breezy, bottom line, thorough direction we have chosen to follow for our curriculum. One of the outstanding things about home educating is that we can pick what we feel is the best for our children according to their needs and our direction as a family.

     So, we use different things to teach our children including life experiences such as trips, church, extended family, hospitality, events etc. We have chosen curriculum in book form, some in DVD, some in Audio, some in a teacher/classroom setting, and some online. This format has allowed our girls to flourish in education given in many approaches.

In addition, something else we do that is unique but beneficial is that we often (depends on the year and ages) send our girls to 4-6 weeks of public school at the end of the year. This has been worthy of doing for the experience (MAP testing, field trips, outdoor skills day and to see how other children live and learn) personal discipleship (by way of being challenged by the world against their faith), and a change in pace of the flow of how we do life. This also gives me a little vacation and makes them appreciate home education the rest of the year! It truly does show them the pros and cons first hand rather than us always explaining why we do what we do the rest of the year.

    All that being said, I have listed the curriculum we use the rest of the year.  When you read below, you will see that we use much of the Classical Conversations material and school group. It's extremely inexpensive compared to private classical school and you will know your children are actually learning everything they need to know. This takes the pressure off of my mind wondering if we are doing what we are supposed to do as well as keeps me on schedule weekly.

     Classical Conversations is an awesome co-op (most likely there is one near you) where you don't have to teach as there are tutors. Hooray! And, it meets once a week and your children get many of the benefits of a school (recess, backpacks, classroom setting, field trips, school parties, year book, friends, teachers) without having to go every day. www.classicalconversations.com

     As stated previously, we use many methods and materials. The following is our list:

There is a checklist I have composed of all things needed by the end of the child's fifth year. Check posts for this list.

Kindergarten - 1st Grade
Geography, latin, science, public speaking, history - Classical Conversations

English - Abeka for reading and handwriting

Math - my own teachings from random workbooks of basic addition, subtraction, clocks, and money

2nd Grade
Geography, Latin, science, public speaking, history - Classical Conversations

English - Abeka for reading, handwriting and grammar

Math - Math-U-See DVD and book program

3rd Grade
Geography, Latin, science, public speaking, history - Classical Conversations

English - First Language Lessons for Grammar, Classical Conversations Pre-scripts for cursive, personal choice chapter books for Reading, Spelling lists are gathered from various sources depending on their level of ability. I am still thinking about writing material to use for this grade level as I haven't completely landed on a set one to recommend.

Math - Teaching Textbooks Math Program

4th Grade-6th Grade
Geography, Latin, Science, Public Speaking, History - Classical Conversations

English - Classical Conversations Essentials Class teaches the grammar, writing, vocab, and spelling using the IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing and Essentials of the English Language.) 

Math - Teaching Text Books Math Program

7th Grade - 12th Grade
All Subjects are Classical Conversations except Math which is Teaching Textbooks and a tutor to fill in the gaps. 


  1. I'm intrigued by your approach regarding having your children attend public school for the last six weeks of the school year. How has your local school responded to this? I'd love to hear more about that experience.

  2. For the public school, our experience has been fantastic. When we enter the school we do it with a good attitude and are on board for as much as we can. As a result, they welcome us and we appreciate our time there as well. Again, we allow the girls to go for them to have that experience, to learn through challenges, and to give me some down time. This comes after we finish all or most of our homeschool material for approximately 6 wks. We wouldn't most likely do more time than that bc of several reasons but its proved to be beneficial for that allotted time.