Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Can Be Revealing...In A Good Way

      Summer can be wonderful for many reasons we are all aware of, but I am realizing that summer can a time of another way. (No, I don't wear bikinis...for the good of everyone else, trust me.) What I mean is that summer can allow for us to step back from certain ways of life and rethink how we view things and why we do them. It in one way or another, it can reveal to us insight into ourselves all from just a seasonal change.

      The first thing I noticed when it comes to summer is that I completely have a better perspective. It could be that school let out so the schedule is easier, the simplicity of wearing sandals, or that I am actually receiving vitamin D that doesn't come in a bottle. Or it could be the fact that we lead camps for a month so I get delicious prepared meals from someone else, or that I am not loading up five children with many articles of clothes having to survive cold, wind, and rain just to go to church. But from these things, I have to ask myself "Is my outlook on life seriously controlled by such outward circumstances? Do I truly think better and respond better because of these things?" Surely not. But I think maybe summer is revealing just that.

      Or what about the priorities my family has? Should we stop learning because there isn't a scheduled teaching time? Should we stop going to church consistently due to "more fun" activities or because its not in the routine? (Okay, on that one it doesn't apply to us because we work at the church but what if we didn't?) 

Is our giving to missions less because we need more summer clothes or vacation experiences? Should I allow more treats...specifically ice cream for me... in our bodies because we are trying to enjoy the summer? What is truly important to me? Are these areas of education, growing in God, helping others, and health just for the other 9 months while I act oblivious for three months? If so, I want that to be exposed in my life.

Yes, I love that summer can be revealing.  I want to be aware in my thinking as it relates to who I am and why I do what I do. I want my perspective to be based on joy from the Lord not from the weather and I want my priorities to be consistent no matter what season it is. So when it's the dead of February I will be strive to still enjoy life and when its a care-free July I will strive to keep the main things the main things. And that kind of summer revealing is good!

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