Saturday, July 30, 2016

Time and Plans for Biblical Life Lessons!

     Since our precious children are totally born evil, I decided it is imperative that we have some character building time other than prayers at meals/bedtime and church during the week. Of course we still teach and train as we go, but this set aside time of the day with my girls called "Chic Chat Chocolate" (yes, we actually eat chocolate because I am bribing them into maturity) is crucial for guiding my girls from foolishness into wisdom. So we gather together with blankets and pillows along with my Bible and chocolate for some heart to heart time together in the Word.

     In this post, I listed the themes we decided we need to teach. Each theme is for a month so we can make sure we have ample time to discuss the topics. Also, we cover the topics again each year as they are foundational to growth and I don't want them to forget them.

 I use books/stories, re-enactment fun play, dance, pictures, DVD clips, and any creative way I can implement. However, the creative part is minimal because they lose sight sometimes of the point and we walk away not sure what we just learned. But DO make it an enjoyable time with lots of love and snuggles as you learn!

     Also, it will take some loving discipline to remind them to be still and pay attention. It seems like every distraction happens during this time but I am determined that this time with my girls is the CORE of all I do. This time HAS to happen most days of the week. (We do about 4 days). It is like a golden treasure in my heart! 

     There is so much to teach and such a small window of time before they are off into life on their own. But just think all the golden nuggets you would have placed in the heart of your children for them to have for years to come! What a blessed mother you will be watching them live it out by God's grace. 

1. Start or close with prayer and worship. 

2. Scripture memory. Go over any that you may know or want to know from the ABC Scriptures list ( or review some that are being memorized in your church. 

3. Monthly Topic 
January - The Basics (worship, prayer, fasting) and the Armor of God
February - Relationships (friends, boys, parents, extended family)
March - Bible Layout (books of the Bible and their basic themes)
April - Fruit of the Spirit   (how it applies to our lives) 
May - Scripture Memory (Ten Commandments and Beatitudes)
June - Scripture Memory (The old ABC Song from Psalty and Steve Green CD)  
July - Scripture Memory (Psalm 23 or other chapters like I Cor. 13)
August - Temptation, Thought Life, Emotions (how to handle these)
September - Evangelism (loving and reaching the lost)
October - Evil vs. Good (Spiritual warfare and choosing life over death in our decisions) 
November - Thankfulness (understanding all we have to appreciate)
December - Sacrificial Giving and Attributes of God (use some basic thoughts from the resource list at

Also, if you want to go even further, here is a link for some basic character qualities that all children can learn. I simply use this list to put in the kitchen to reference when a child does one of the traits. It helps them learn what they mean and strive to do them.

     Feel free to change up the theme of the month based on what your family needs during that time or for a theme perhaps your church is using. The goal is to have open discussion and training with those precious hearts God has given you. Make time for it! Whatever and whenever it can be, do it while you still have them with you. Every minute makes a difference! And I hold to this verse in 3 John 1:4 "I have no greater joy than to know my children are walking in the truth."

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