Hi friend! Welcome to realifecasey.blogspot. This blog about real life. It is meant to enrich and encourage you in issues of marriage, motherhood, ministry and life. Whoever you may be, doing whatever it is you do, in one way or another this blog will have something for you or someone you know!

    I have been married to my best friend Scotty for the past 15 yrs and we have five daughters ages 13,12,19,8,5 and a son age 18 months. We have grown so much in our wisdom, patience and rest as parents. God has helped us so we are helping others. 

 We worked in ministry in the local church as Youth Pastors/Preaching Team at James River Church (www.jamesriver.org) for 21 yrs but in July 2013 we transitioned to write, speak and partner with churches around the US full-time for leadership development and preaching. I am also honored to serve as the Teen Specialist with National Girls Ministries (TGM.ag.org). More info about what we do that can be found at www.scottygibbons.com. 

Enjoy your time on this easy, real life blog as we do life together. Make sure you leave comments and subscribe to for emails so we can stay in touch.

Much Love,

P.S. Any young girls in your life should check out the blog from my daughters. There is a link on the home page top tab. 


  1. Hi Casey :) My name is Casey too :) I found you through a friend. I am an AG lead pastor's wife in Wisconsin. I will be following your blog from now on! Please feel free to follow mine too at

    God bless and thank you for being awesome!

  2. Hi Casey! Thanks for getting in touch! So cool to have you join me. I will check out your blog! Much love,

  3. HI Mom! This is Candice. I was on my blog then decided to come onto yours! How is everything going?


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